Born in 1979, Arietta Moon (AKA Arietta Bryant) is a Mother, Wife, Artist and Wiccan High Priestess.

She has been using poetry as a creative outlet since childhood (Mostly as a way to get out of writing essays at school) and as an adult, she now incorporates original poetry into many of her religious and magickal workings. She also earns a meagre wage from her other creative projects; jewellery design, magickal sculpture, and fabric-craft.

Arietta began practicing Wicca in 1995; she has since become an active member of her local Pagan community. In 2000, she set up The Children of the Sacred Laughter, a local authority sanctioned society, which hosts seasonal open circles and workshops for people practicing or interested in Paganism. She is also co-founder of Moon River Wicca, a new Wiccan tradition that offers classes and courses both locally and internationally.

Following the success of The Children of the Sacred Laughter, Arietta trained as a celebrant and subsequently founded Tyger Moon Creations, in 2003. Tyger Moon now serves as an umbrella company, which not only showcases all of Arietta’s creative talents but also provides a point of contact, for people who want to hire her services as a professional celebrant.

Arietta lives with her husband, two children and two cats in Hampshire where she enjoys singing, cooking, gardening and walking in the woods near her home.

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