Drawing Down the Moon is an element of Wiccan ritual in which the High Priest invokes the Goddess into the body of the High Priestess. The High Priestess, then speaks during this period of possession, with The Charge of the Goddess often used as a speech to give, should the High Priestess find herself unable to express the possession in words.

The High Priest begins by performing the Five-Fold Kiss on the High Priestess. He then calls upon the goddess to descend, while tracing a triangle on her body, between her womb and each breast. Then he petitions the goddess, in modern Wicca with a poem based on Aleister Crowley's poem "La Fortuna", but naming the goddess "Aradia" rather than Tyche.

Finally, after the High Priestess speaks in answer to this invocation, the High Priest calls on those present to listen to what the Goddess will say. The Goddess then speaks through the possessed High Priestess.