The Five-Fold Kiss is an element in Wiccan liturgy, where the feet, knees, womb, breasts and lips of a woman are blessed by a man with kisses, or the feet, knees, penis, breast and lips of a man are blessed by a woman with kisses. These kisses are made on or (in the case of the womb and penis) near the body-part in question, which means that there are eight kisses in all (two on the feet, two on the knees and two on the breast or breasts, but one only for the genitive organs and for the lips; 2+2+2+1+1=8).

The Kiss is performed at many points, but of particular note are:

  1. The Kiss is performed on the new initiate during First Degree Initiation.
  2. The High Priest performs the Kiss on the High Priestess as part of Drawing Down the Moon.

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