Imbolc (IM-bolgk)  (Also known as Oimelc (EE--melk), Candlemas, Brigid's Day, Feast of Pan, Feast of Torches, Groundhog Day, and Feast of Waxing Light; in modern practice merged with Lupercalia/Valentines Day which occurs in mid Feburary.) is a Wiccan and Neo-Pagan cross-quarter feast that goes back to an ancient Celtic feast marking the first stirrings of Spring.   Imbolc is one of eight major Neopagan/Wiccan festivals or sabbots.  It is celebrated on or about the second of February.  Wiccans believe that it marks the recovery of the Goddess after giving birth to the God at Yule. [1]

Associations and Customs Edit

Rituals having  a theme of creative inspiration, purification, initiation, candle work, or house and temple blessings are preformed at Imbolc.  Some of the customs associated with Imbolc are lighting of candles, seeking omens of Spring, cleaning house, welcoming Brigid.   Imbolc is also associated with the colors white and red, candles, seeds, Brigid wheel, milk, and the energies of conception, initiation, inspiration. [2]

== Sources == Edit

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