Moon River Wicca is an emerging tradition that aims to make the craft accessible to people living busy modern lives, whilst still staying true to what makes Wicca essentially Wicca. There is a strong emphasis on practical paganism, personal spirituality and personal responsibility. Every Moon River Wiccan is free to work in a Coven or Solitary setting, in a very ceremonial or seemingly ‘informal’ manner, and to work within any pantheon they feel comfortable with, as long as it still respects the main principles. Those who follow the Moon River Tradition are considered to be both a Wiccan (we follow a spiritual belief system that honours the Wheel of the Year, the lunar cycle, Rites of Passage and both masculine and feminine Divine) and a Witch (we utilise the powers of Nature, Elements and Magick to Craft and bend our reality by will).

Moon River Wicca was officially founded in early 2005, although the concepts behind it are much olderTemplate:Citation needed. Moon River grew out of necessity, when its founders Arietta Moon and Romany Rivers realised that teaching on a one to one basis was no longer fulfilling the needs of those in the community who wished to study the many forms of WiccaTemplate:Citation needed. A larger teaching structure enabled both founders to work together, sharing the workload and supporting the students between them. Although the study syllabus was created from both founders previous teaching experience, the new Dedicants discovered that a different perspective on the same subject could be gained from each founder, leading to a rich and diverse learning ground. The founders also discovered that by combining their strengths and weaknesses the syllabus naturally developed and evolved, teaching the founders new concepts on old subjects. Thus the ‘teach to learn’ philosophy came about. Moon River Wicca remains a tradition that insists on learning throughout all phases of life, and always learning as much, if not more, from the students as the mentors impart to them.

This beautiful and diverse belief system has now become a bridge between the many forms of Eclectic Solitary Wicca and the more structured traditions, offering something new to seekers of the Old Ways. Moon River Wicca has become so much more than the founders believed possible, and to this day it is still evolving.

Moon River Wicca is organically spreading to become a globaly recognised tradition.