The  Shakti  Wiccan  tradition  is  very  popular as other traditions are  but   is   not  often talked  about ! Many who follow this tradition are often contradicted  by  other  Wiccan Witches  from  other  traditions . I  have  a lot to say about  this,  as   one  author   mentions them in some  of  her  books  but  is   yet  from  the Dianic Tradition . Many know her as  Silver RavenWolf , Yes , you heard me correctly . Many  goddesses and gods  from this  popular  Indian  tradition are  worshiped as the  Horned God  and  The  Moon Goddess . For  example Shiva and  Kali  are some of the famous gods and goddessses from this  tradition  as  well  as  combined religion ( like all traditions are ).  I  for one have been devoted to Shiva and Kali for 6 years . Like others  we   all  believe  in the five elements of each part  of  the compus including spirit .  Every Tradition worships every element . Also Wiccans should NEVER in my  strong opinion be considered connected to Satan. Wicca is a magickal religion where you can combine whatever original religion you practice with divine magick and beliefs of a god and a goddess! The "myths"  you believe in can combine with the beliefs of which wicca speaks about Aradia , who is the queen of the witches and wiccans . File:ImagesCARLIFF2.jpg  and all those that we care about we should perform magick for if they ask for it . long live the witches, long live the god and goddess !

YamiYugi1001 (talk) 06:09, August 7, 2013 (UTC) HP Diamond Kalius Wolf