It’s the room we think of as our sanctuary but it’s also the room that is often overlooked. Bedrooms can quickly become cluttered and sadly sometimes a dumping ground for unnecessary objects. With a new house comes the opportunity to create the bedroom of your dreams.

Follow these steps to get you started!

Get Inspired

Online blogs and magazines are brimming with different design ideas for bedrooms and you are bound to find something that will tickle your inspiration. Start collecting images that reflect your desired style. Try to pinpoint specific furniture styles, colours, material and accessories that you want and create a wish list. Include items (e.g upholstered bedhead, large mirror) but also material and details (e.g. raw wood, blue & white stripy fabric). This will allow you to keep an open mind and be flexible when sourcing items. You may have been inspired by a stripy throw but end up finding an upholstered chair with similar pattern that will add the touch you are after.

Furniture layout

Yes, it will be there, the star of the show. The bed.

Like a diva it takes centre stage, fills the room with its presence and demands attention. As much as we love them, beds are big and ungainly and dictate the order and placement of other things in the room. But the good news is that planning a bedroom from scratch gives you more control of all the elements to create the space you want.

  • Make sure there is enough space beside the bed for bedside tables and ample circulation so you can access three sides of the mattress.

  • Keep it simple. Don’t fill the room with unnecessary items.

  • If you have large windows, views or French doors connecting the room to the outdoors, plan the layout around them instead of arranging furniture to compete with what can be the room’s major asset.

  • Smaller bedrooms feel more open and spacious with the use of mirrors – often visually doubling the space of the room. Properly placed mirrors can disguise closet doors and bring the outdoors indoors.

Take time to refine your plan to make sure it doesn't just match your style but is also efficient and functional.

Colour Palette

You might already have a colour in mind but before you rush off to get the wall paint take a moment to consider your furniture, rugs and accessories. Wall paint in all different colours and shades can be created easily and inexpensive.  You may decide to punctuate with richer and more vibrant colours in furnishing and accessories while keeping walls neutral. Others prefer to make a statement with bold coloured walls using paint or wallpaper.

An old rule of thumb in design is that every room needs a touch of black to anchor it. This can be a chair, frame, fabric or decorative accessories.


This room should be a haven not a dark one-bulb-in-the-ceiling storage room or stark grocery store where no one is going to look good. Lighting plays a significant role when setting the mood of the room so it’s worth giving it some extra thought.

  • Instead of too much light in one place opt for more light sources of lower wattage to make the room softer.

  • Install dimmers on the overhead light source. This will allow you to alter the effect depending on what you want do in the room.

  • Ensure good closet light to avoid those frustrating moments of trying to find the right clothes... or walking out with different coloured socks. Sometimes the overhead light on higher dimmer setting will do the trick but if possible look at installing a light inside the closet. Be careful not to put a hot light bulb near clothes (12-inches from the edge of the top rod or shelf).

  • Choose appropriate light for bedside reading. Some fixtures may look great but will not be functional e.g. too dark shades or placed directly above the bed. Look for reading lamps with the ability to adjust the light by swivelling or moving its arm. If you do have your heart set on a pair of bedside lamps that aren’t ideal for reading consider creating an area with a comfy armchair and a reading lamp.

Finishing Touches

The walls have been painted, the furniture and lighting is in place as well as some selected accessories. Is there something missing? To give your space that finishing touch consider adding candles, fresh flowers or greenery, a throw, pillows or perhaps a small but dear memento.

source: HW5 Garden-Retreat-24 HR 2 flat 1920x1080 d.jpg

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